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Aug 7 '14

rhombass asked:

I just wanted to ask what you think the best starter bird might be?


I personally haven’t the slightest clue about bird care, but check out the bird care tips tag and anyone who does know please send answers directly to rhombass or post directly here!

definitely torchic

  1. quetzalrofl said: What’s wrong with Piplup, guys?
  2. ninetynineno said: Torchic, obviously.
  3. kazooie said: Check out /r/parrots on Reddit, they have a lot of great tips on bird care, you can also ask questions. They suggest a cockatiel, a budgie or a green cheek conure, I personally would suggest a cockatiel~
  4. akumeoy said: fuck i thought i would get to be the first to say ‘torchic’ well i guess that’s right out the fucking window
  5. hardcockatoo said: budger
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  7. zeniverica said: IMO budgies are the best to start with.
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    definitely torchic
  10. ghostmander said: for some reaso n i though tthey meant pokemon that looked like birds
  11. broken-gear said: Probably a budgie?
  12. ichthyologee said: Budgies are what I started with.
  13. altias said: torchic is my chosen starter bird
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